Melissa Kemlage is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor located in Wilmington, NC (#15209). She has worked with individuals, couples and families to find success and happiness in their life and relationships. She does this by working through past trauma and negative experiences, using individuals’  strengths and healthy resources to implement new ways of thinking and behaving. She is a strengths-based, holistic therapist that focuses on the mind-body-spirit connection to incorporate balance in your physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.

“I received a Master of Education in Counseling degree from Bridgewater State University in 2012. I have also completed post Graduate Trauma Informed Certificate course in 2018. I have 12 years of experience in the mental health field, which includes working with families and adolescents in many areas, such as in the home, school and court, as well as in crisis settings. I have conducted substance abuse focused groups for both adolescents and adults, as well as adolescent groups. Having raised a family and cared for youth prior to completing my degrees, I bring an understanding of the various stages of life and the need for a safe place to explore issues that are causing trouble in your life. I have had a variety of experiences in the counseling field, including individual, marriage and family counseling, parenting groups, support for substance abuse patients and their families, life transitions, and working in the area of crisis prevention and safety assessment. My experience and hands-on work in the field involved extensive trauma situations and client experience and this has allowed my perspective through the trauma lens to be beneficial to treating client with such history effectively. My passion for counseling is based on my belief that each person has great value and can make positive changes in their lives and relationships. This view allows me to provide support and hope in each counseling relationship that I am able to develop.”- Melissa

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Kim is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.   Her approach to therapy starts with meeting individuals where they are and building upon their strengths. Kim works with individuals to help them learn to make a connection between thoughts, emotions and behaviors in order to make choices that positively impact their life. Kim has worked in a variety of settings, including residential facilities, schools and a community mental health agency, supporting both adolescents and adults.   Her work over the past 20 years has focused on areas such as anxiety, depression, emotional regulation and mood issues, trauma/abuse issues, adjustment concerns to new environments, life or school transitions, stress management, conflict resolution skills, and social/communication skills.

Do you feel disconnected from those around you, or at times do you put on a fake smile so others don’t really know how you are feeling, or even put others needs before your own? Life around you seems to be moving at a different pace then you and finding your breath seems difficult, even though you can’t slow down to think or make sense of the world around you.  Every day decisions seem overwhelming or simple tasks take longer than expected.

Imagine making the decision to live life instead of just surviving life. Imagine finding a place to build on your strengths and embrace who you are, and look in a mirror and say “I believe in who I am.”   Doing the work can be hard and at times overwhelming, however remember life is a marathon not a sprint.

“If you found yourself connecting to anything said above, I want you to know I am here to listen and I see you.  I want you to see the worth inside yourself and the power to choose your destination.  Making the decision to focus on you may seem scary, but you owe it to yourself and I am here to listen and support you along the way.”