What to expect:

How long does it take?

We will start by taking some background information to help us get to know you. We guide you slowly into figuring out what you need to focus on in session (this can/and will change) based on where you are at. We figure out a plan for how often and how long of sessions you need. Your therapist will meet you where you are at and guide you in making the chanes you need to make.

As with anything, making healthy and life long changes take time, consistency and follow-through. Committing to your goals and putting in the work is necessary but the rewards of living a happy and healthy life will make the effort worth it. Your therapist and you will need to commit to being consistent and engaged through out the process. 

How often do I need to go?

Are there medications involved?

This will depend on your goals and your needs. Initially it is recommended to attend weekly to build a rapport with your therapist and get to know if you are both a good fit. After some progress and a plan is in place for objectives and goals, some go every other week. This can also be due to scheduling and finances. Once people find themselves in a good place and able to manage the tools on their own and only need a maintainence plan, they can typically come once a month or less. 

Therapy is NOT a check-up service. It is not recommened to attend only if you are having a bad day/week. It is important to continue to go to your sessions even if you are having a good day/week to continue to work and reflect on your progress. THEN is the time to review with your therapist what you need for frequency. 

Therapy is a non-medication approach to mental health that deals with addressing overwhelming thoughts, behaviors and emotions. Many people are also prescribed medication to manage various debilitating symptoms of mental illness.
It is recommended for people taking medication also engage in therapy. We do not prescribe medication but can work with you to find someone to work with if you decide. 

Why Work With Us?


Everyone experiences mental and emotional struggles at some point in their life and as a result may not function effectively. They often exhibit some type of negative behaviors, such as addiction, depression, anxiety, school or employment issues, self-sabotage, withdrawal and avoidance.


Our approach is non-judgmental, empathetic and holistic. Our goal is to help you understand yourself on a deeper level so you can identify and make long-term changes.


With gentle guidance while in a safe environment, you can find an emotional and mental balance and improve your daily functioning with continued progress and stability. We will work on identifying and changing dysfunctional behaviors and develop effective coping strategies to find harmony and peace in your life.


We focus on the mind-body-spirit connection to incorporate balance in your physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. We look at all aspects of your life